Yardage Book & Green Map

Yardage Book & Green Map

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Book size measurement is 6.5"x 3.75" and greens are scaled to no larger than 3/8 inch to 5 yards (USGA conforming).

Distance is presented in yards and slope is presented in percentage. They are saddle stitched to fit perfectly inside a traditional yardage book cover.

Variant types:


  • Penalty to penalty width distance
  • Carries and runout distances
  • Compass off tee shot and into green
  • Tee to fairway and fairway to green +/- elevation change
  • To green and from tee distance rings

Major Slopes

  • Everything in the yardage book, plus:
  • Detailed thermal green view with contours and arrows in major slope areas (3% and above). Also includes arrows and contours in surrounding areas around green.
  • Fairway arrows that represent slope above 4%

Yardage + Green Map

  • Everything in the yardage book, plus:
  • Duel view topographical green map
    • Thermal View - easily see ridges and spot possible hole locations
    • Detailed View - supports green reading with arrows and contours shown at the maximum resolution allowed within the rules of golf
  • Fairway arrows that represent slope above 4%
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